Our good friends recently combined their talents to create a truly unique company that handcrafts everything from furniture to key-rings from nothing more than Wood and Steel.  Hence their name Moonshine Wood & Steel.  We are proud to say they are based in the same small city that we encompass, and it is always a thrill to be surrounded by talented people doing exceptional things.  They said it best themselves, so here is a quick bit about what they do from their site:

Moonshine Wood and Steel is dedicated to creating handmade wood and steel furniture as well as supplying custom creative goods, antiques and vintage décor.Our focus is on timeless quality materials and honest craftsmenship. We create unique pieces one at a time with minimal tools.  Attention to detail and hardy materials ensure that any piece purchased will be handed down for generations to come. Our creations demand attention in any home while blending with many styles and tastes.