The Process

We've been host to a special event in our town for the past 8 years and it is one that we look forward to for months.  It is called the Big Trunk Show and it is basically a big showcase where we invite brands, designers, etc from our immediate area of Northeast Florida to showcase their wares and be able to sell them to the public.  We fill the bill to capacity every year, which usually means 25+ brands at every show.  While some brands come and go, we've had quite a few remain as our core over the span of years.  It is great to be able to connect with these up-and-coming designers, and also to be able to meet the people responsible for making the threads we wear.  

One of the things we love about this event is the attention to detail we get to pay.  We set up the venue per our theme, feature fashion films projecting on the wall, and we screen print all promotional materials.  We take great pride in the poster printing being that we are screen-printers at heart, so we thought we'd take the time this year to give a little behind the scenes to that process.  This year we decided to go with a luscious Metallic Gold on Flat Black paper, ooo-wee.   



Call me "late to the party" but I went and saw this guy the other night at the Hollywood cemetary- If you get the chance to see James Blake live "DO IT". I left impressed.

With a view

It really doesn't matter how good your view is from your office space, Nothing will ever feel as good as being outside.  It's a brisk Florida day like this that makes me wish that there was such a thing as an office outside of a building.  Let's work on making that a reality.


Creep on Doin It

We're on the eve of the darkest holiday that our modern society uni-laterally celebrates.  Halloween is the one night a year people can act out their darkest desires and many females choose to use as a way to wear slutty versions of respectable professions. Not hating, we all love to see a good ole fashioned sexy bus driver costume.  To honor those of you who let the inner creep run the roost more than just one night a year we are releasing a special tee.  This one is for all you fellas out there that will always Creep it Real, even when creepin it real goes wrong.